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My fridge went on the blink on Wednesday, emailed Brett when i got home from work and Brett had a look the next day, ordered the part and fridge was fixed first thing Friday morning. Would highly recommend them.

**Sue McHarry**
Air con cleaning and maintenance has to be done regularly. This ensures your home and office functions effectively and efficiently. It also helps in keeping your energy costs at a minimum.

Aircon Cleaning Toowoomba Services for a Guaranteed Clean Air

Why your air con needs regular cleaning?

With an average breath of 17,280 in a single day, most of which happening inside your house or office, you are more prone to inhaling dirty air due to virus, germs, and bacteria lurking in the air you breathe.

Regular air con maintenance ensures most of the dust are eliminated from your units. This guarantees your staff and family breathes healthy and clean air all the time. This is a sufficient reason why you should invest in air con cleaning. 

Air con cleaning and maintenance services

As part of our air con cleaning and maintenance services, the team of BNR Refrigeration and Air Conditioning ensures that the following parts of your air con in Toowomba has been checked and inspected:

Point Check Air Con Cleaning

Our team of experts conducts a visual inspection of your air conditioning unit in Toowoomba. This includes:

  • filters
  • fans
  • coils
  • vents

In so manner, we are able to check if there are any issues inside these components that may need to be serviced or replaced. 


Using a deep cleaning method, which is specifically designed for air con cleaning, we get rid of all dust and particles inside your air con fins. 


We know how sensitive your air con filters are. So we carefully remove them from your unit. This is then washed and cleaned to ensure all other contaminants are safely removed.


Your air con coil is home to grease, dirt and corrosion. We eliminate all of these using an anti-bacterial agent to ensure the prevention of fungi and mould growth. 

Deep Cleaning

Ultimately, we cover all the nooks and crannies of your air conditioning unit, even those hard to reach places you may be unaware of. As a result, your air conditioning unit will be running more efficiently. This gives you better peace of mind while working at the office and a night of relaxing sleep. 

This is our way of giving thanks for choosing BNR Refrigeration and Air Conditioning for your air con cleaning needs. Schedule your air con cleaning today. Call 0407 762  481, today. Otherwise, complete our online form to schedule an appointment with us. 


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